Take Time To Make Your Soul Happy

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Spirituality & Meditation

Life can feel very heavy at times, especially if you are feeling stuck. I always say feeling stuck is a good sign because it’s your soul calling to you. It’s letting you know that you’re off track and not making your soul happy. Let’s change that. 

We have all felt like that before, some more than others. Too many women are not feeling good about themselves, looking at others, thinking their lives are better, thinking they are more clever, copying everything and everyone, not trusting themselves, settling for less than they deserve, but now it’s time to begin to love your life. A life where you are showing up, feeling confident, thinking positively and running your life with a prosperous mindset. 

What I discovered along the way of my own Journey was that many women who are financially successful are lacking skills in other areas. I discovered that they found it hard to keep relationships, had nutrition problems, drank too much, in other words, they were wearing their mask too much. Everyone has their own secret to hide, so never feel stuck, for feeling stuck is simply you growing and expanding.

My message to you today is to stop being so hard on yourself. I did up until my 30’s until I learned many hard lessons. I had a strict upbringing and just repeated that same behaviour on myself. Something had to change – Me.

We tend to look outside of ourselves for the answers when in fact, they all lie within. It’s challenging running your life, family, business and being the foundation for the home while being a mother, wife or partner, but I believe that women are much stronger than they think. You are excellent at multi-tasking, learning new things quickly, using your intuition, but for some reason, you stopped using your intuition, you just got lost along the way, too busy to stop for just one moment.

Part of starting and growing a business is having fun and I believe that is when the magic of life shows up. It’s within you, through you and will emanate from you. When you do things in a certain way, you will start to notice that life gets easier. 

Be kind, gentle and loving to yourself. You don’t need to do anything to improve. You are perfect just as you are. 

When you live your life from your heart then your soul will be happy and guide you in all ways. Living in your head just gives you a headache.

Did you know that your business is a reflection of you? How you do anything is how you do everything so it’s essential that you have a burning desire to achieve what you came to earth to do. 

You have a purpose to serve as best you can while being yourself. What needs to change is the way you think about yourself. The way you are showing up and you have the chance today to make that happen. 

It’s being yourself, showing up and claiming what is yours in life. 

All you need to do for now is simply believe in the magic of life and open your heart and know that your soul will guide you to greater things. Trust. 


It’s time to step up and make the leap of faith. 

I know you want more and that’s why I created The Manifestation Club to help and support you in living a great life, a life where you can create financial freedom by running your business being your true authentic You. 

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  • how to manifest all your desires
  • how to attract money 
  • the steps you need to take to achieve success
  • becoming visible
  • charging your worth
  • up-level your mindset
  • how to raise your vibration
  • connecting to Spirit
  • and so much more.

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