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by | Jun 30, 2022 | Mindset & Manifestation


TRUE STORY. It was a beautiful Summer’s day in London and I decided that it was too good to stay indoors. My husband and I decided to go out for lunch to a beautiful Park and Garden Centre. We would have some lunch outside in the grounds and then take a walk around the 240 acres of beautiful gardens.




While sitting at our table, a young boy, aged around 12 years old left his seat and made straight for me. He was wearing a helmet, like a bicycle helmet and I could tell that he had some kind of disability.

The people around me looked and made faces as they judged this child. I spoke to the child and asked him his name, at that moment, someone in Spirit, who I don’t know personally but had come through to me before and has come through many times to help me, came through to me and showed me his face. At that point, the boy’s mother came over and apologised to me and said, my son has epilepsy and is autistic. I’m so sorry if he is bothering you.
Can I tell you that he only goes to people he can trust and knows will understand, in fact he uses his energy to communicate, do you understand.




Of course I would understand, I’ve studied the mind and body energy for over 30 years. I smiled and said to the young boy, is your name Joshua and his mother replied, yes, how did you know. 

SPIRIT SPEAKS, I just inwardly smiled as the face of the boy in Spirit is called Joshua and he was telling me that this was the child’s name, the same as his. I spoke at length with the mother and I asked her if Joshua had a sister that was 7 years old and was in spirit as she was standing beside Joshua and looking out for him and protecting him.

A tear came to her eye as she said, I lost my daughter 2 years ago who was 7 years old and I wondered why he is so quiet at times at home. I told her the times when Joshua is quiet, is when his sister is around helping him to be calm.

Today was a magical day and God sent miracles to me and this beautiful family.  Joshua in Spirit was a young boy and had a beautiful soul who is working his magic, only from the other side. I was simply a portal for Spirit, he took the opportunity to come through to help the young boy Joshua.

I know our meeting was of no coincidence. When he left he waved to me and I too had a tear in my eye. He touched my soul.

I was always very hard on myself, questioning was I working with Spirit, is it me or do I really have a gift. It took me a long time to accept who I Am and have the confidence to give Spirit’s message.

Today it is a very big part of who I Am and what I do in my work. I love working with Spirit and we have a wonderful connection. I know you too can connect with Spirit, your Guides, Angels if you will just allow and stop trying. If you will know that you are Spirit and from Spirit and are already an abundant being.



Sit quietly and don’t try and expect anything but simply set your intention to have a quiet moment that you can enjoy.

Invite Spirit to come in and be with you. No asking questions or seeing if you get anything. Simply just allow yourself to bask in the energy of Spirit. Acknowledge the presence of Spirit, even if you can’t feel anything, know that Spirit is around and within you. You may even feel a warmth in your body, a knowingness that an energy is near you. No matter what you feel or not, thank the energy and just allow.

You are simply giving yourself permission to be open to new possibilities and new ways of working.

I believe that every human being is born with intuition but not every human being is a Psychic Medium, You can though learn to be mor psychic and use your skills. It takes time and patience but if you are ready then Spirit is ready too.

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