The Manifestation Club® Membership


Founded by Karen Whitelaw-Smith

The Manifestation Coach For Women®
An International Author, The Positive Mindset Mentor, Energy Healer,
Psychic Medium, Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.


If you’re ready to LIVE A RICH LIFE, up-level YOUR MIND and truly love and believe in yourself, then this is for you.

You will be joining a community of like-minded, not just for business women, but the soul minded women who are dedicated to creating a rich life, the freedom to live a life they love, grow a business, become a fabulous mum, become a leader in your job, stand out from the crowd, deepen your spiritual connection, learn to use your intuition and sixth sense, then join us and allow the magic to happen to you.

Building your self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence are all essential ingredients to living a rich life.

The Manifestation Club® is founded on the SoulSuccess Boards, these are the foundational six pillars each representing a different area of your life and when aligned with who you are, activate a magic from within that creates and manifests your best self. 


HEALTH & WELLBEING – Looking at a complimentary and holistic approach to life

SPIRITUALITY & MEDITATION – Activating and connecting to the Source within

RELATIONSHIPS – Your own relationship with self and with others

BUSINESS – Ideas and strategies to create financial freedom from within

MONEY – Knowing you are enough and allowing yourself to receive

The Manifestation Club® Membership

Unleash The Magic Within

It’s no accident that you’ve found your way here.
In the Membership we don’t believe in accidents.  We believe in divine guidance and the gentle nudging of your soul.

Not only will you learn to use the full potential of your mind but you will learn to use your intuition and can even start to open your heart to manifest all that you desire.  I believe that manifesting is the result of how you live your life and the thoughts you think, the behaviour you have, the patterns and beliefs you hold and most of all, the way you feel about yourself.

In the Membership you will make some serious shifts in your life so you can finally tap into pure joy and fully embrace your soul power.

Using my own unique techniques, I will take you through the various stages, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual so you can Awaken and Activate your soul to Align yourself with the Universe to become YOU.

For most, change can be scary but with my laser-focused soul gift of pure energy and focused mindset, I will very quickly help you to create your vision and take the steps to make your dreams come true.

The good news: you’ve been guided to the right place!

This community of loving high-vibe women can help you get crystal clear on your vision to take the right action and manifest your deepest desires to create miracles that have been waiting for you just outside of your comfort zone, to find the most important person – YOU


Just curious: Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to step forward and show up as it’s so tiring trying to be who you think others want you to be.

It’s time to take off your mask and let the world not only see you but feel your presence.

It’s time to take things to the next level … but you might not even know what that means or how to take the next step, but all you need is a little courage and a whole lot of faith. I can help you.

You may have experienced some success in your life but still, there is an unsettled feeling you can’t shake. What if this something more you seek could actually be born and you could create the life you really desire.

You’ve been hearing a tiny little voice inside your head, lovingly directing you to make some changes in your life …but, you’ve ignored the call because you felt you were not “ready” yet. Will you ever be ready?

The voice keeps getting louder and louder. In your heart, your soul, you know that the time is now.
In the meantime, you keep putting yourself last. Your dreams are pushed aside. Again.

The Manifestation Club® Membership

is the place for soul-centred women just like you who have been hearing the call to allow themselves to receive their desires and live a rich life.

You want to show up and be visible and share your unique gift.

Whether you feel ready or not to move forward, you are. I am here to deliver that message that you can have the life you dream of. It’s not some woo woo stuff that others might have you think, but this is real, positive, practical and spiritual principles that I have created and been using for myself and my clients for over fifteen years.

Curious, then join today and let me show you just how easy it can be and it’s not what you think.

Revealing your true authentic you can be difficult and can make you feel so uncomfortable, but what is the alternative, to stay in the stuck place within your mind.

We get you! Remember you are not following a path, as Mother Teresa channelled to me, you are the path. I can personally attest to the beauty and richness that comes alive in life when you finally get through to the other side. This is why I do what I do!

I’ve been in your shoes and felt others would judge me for my gifts and some did, and probably some still do, but it is of no concern to me. What others think is simply their opinion and you must get past this.

To hide away and not fulfil my purpose, is simply not an option.

Listen, you’ve been trying to do it all alone.   How’s that working out?

Your soul longs to be fulfilled.  You’re juggling too much.  You’re wondering … is it ever going to get any easier?

It is!  But, you can’t do it alone and you need a SoulSuccess® Leader to guide you.

Sometimes, asking for support is the bravest and smartest move you can make.


It’s time to dive deep and let your soul shine so bright that others are dazzled by your light.

The Manifestation Club® Membership was created for women just like you.

You want More.

More Answers.

More Abundance.

More Miracles.

And, frankly, you deserve more.

So much more!

‘Loving yourself is a divine feminine gift to your soul and one that every woman should own’

You are beautiful just the way you are and you don’t need to change you.

But, you do need to Awaken and Activate the Manifestation Mastery® Method to Align with the Universe to become YOU.

Now is your time!

The Manifestation Club® Membership

is a community for like-minded women who are ready:

to feel worthy and live on purpose.

to be more confident to live your life.

to be independent.

to have better health.

to allow your femininity to flow through.

to become a leader.

to be more recognised for your gift.

to be spirituality rich within yourself.

to let your voice be heard.

to attract unlimited amounts of money.
to become a magnet to others.
to truly love yourself.
to become more intuitive.
to know how to use your sixth sense
to connect to your higher power

Most of all, ready to be YOU. Are You Ready To Know YOU?


Let me help you get crystal clear on your vision for your life

You were born to be a leader and share your message with the world.
You will get to know yourself on a soul level, deeper than ever before.
Learn the language of a SoulLeader and start attracting the right people into your life.
You will up-level your mindset to one of abundance thinking.
You will truly love yourself, not just say it.
You will be supported and guided every step of the way by me.

Meet your SoulSuccess® Leader


Hi, I’m Karen Whitelaw-Smith, The Manifestation Coach For Women, The Positive Mindset Mentor, International Author, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Visionary.

My gift is helping you to love yourself so much that the Universe showers you with abundance. Not only will you become physically rich, but spiritually rich.

I’ve been exactly where you are.  I believe that life consists of the physical and the spiritual side of life, the yin and yang.
I am blessed to be able to communicate, see and hear spirit and have always incorporated this within my business.  My pure connection makes me very unique in the way I work.

I live my life with purpose and joy and I want the same for you: to live a life you LOVE. My path has not always been an easy one, but my soul and spirit have guided me every step of the way to be able to better help you lean into your own soul’s mission.

What Other Clients are Saying

My experience of working with Karen has been life-changing. She taught me to understand myself and how to use the immense power within me to shape the future I want, rather than drifting and allow the future to shape me.
I now have a thriving business which we created.
Karen’s positivity and energy is boundless and she leads by example. She has that rare skill of Intuitively knowing when to encourage, praise or cajole.
I now live my life differently and it makes me very happy. I would recommend Karen unreservedly to anyone looking to transform their life.
Lorna MacKay

Founder of, Pawsitive Solutions

Karen’s coaching and mentoring has had a wonderfully positive impact on my life on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.
By listening to her and adhering to her unique wisdom, my outlook and attitude to life and life’s problems was radically altered for the better. I became equipped with tools to use in every situation and my life is so transformed – from average to wonderful!
I greet every day with joy and the knowledge that I am in control of my life and through positive thinking, I can manifest and create the future I want. As indeed I am doing.
Gillian Dalgliesh

Life Coach

When I started working with Karen I was lacking in direction and playing it small in my business.
Working with Karen has given me a clear direction in my business and the confidence to be more visible, work on new coaching packages and put up my prices.
Karen always instinctively knows exactly what I need to work on each time we meet. 
She is very supportive but keeps me accountable and challenges me to show up and do the work which is just what I needed.
She has helped me work on my business and money mindset and I feel more positive, confident and ready to take action after every meeting.
I know going forward my business will just go from strength to strength with Karen’s input.
Lynsey Warren

Handmade Business Coach

I worked with Karen for six months and I can honestly say that not only my business, but my life has changed so much to the positive and there has been so much growth in my business and my personal life. Her 1-1 coaching and communities and guided meditations have been essential for this growth.

It’s been such a journey and one which I could never have imagined with the effect that it has had on my life. I’m so thankful every day for that leap of faith I took and said Yes to working with Karen.

I found myself looking for Karen’s help to get my life back on track. I was in a very bad headspace and I needed to wake up to what was going on around me.
I came full circle after working with Karen over the last 3 months and I changed the way I see my life and the way I think.
Karen has done wonders and I would highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to change your life for the better.

I was unsure, really a lot of self-doubt and low self-worth and I was struggling to move forward in my online business. I had a lot of trouble communicating with my true voice and getting it out and showing up and being visible in my business.
Today I am showing up confidently each day cos there are people out in the world that need my expertise and my communication in my relationship is so, so, so much clearer for the abundance I feel each day. if you had asked me six months ago if I would be feeling like this and waking up each day so excited to show up and get visible online, share my true expertise in the world, it was a completely different situation six months ago.
Each day I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I will continue to work with Karen, like I said it has been life-changing and business changing. Going from not knowing, to having a crystal clear vision of what I want to have for my life, it’s been a remarkable journey and transformation. Thank you.
Bec Mills

Online Marketing Mentor, Soulful & Simple

If you are looking for
soul connection,
something unique,
something that is calling to you
and are
ready to take the leap of faith for yourself,


then you are ready to join

The Manifestation Club® Membership

and soak up what your soul calls for.
It’s time to allow yourself to receive ABUNDANCE

Lock in your founding members rate now!


£33 per month


£330 per annum
(save £66 plus 2 Month Free)


There is a Facebook Group for The Manifestation Club Membership.  It’s where you will share your wins, your notifications will go, support with other members.

 Q & A

This is a live Q & A with Karen held once a month to help you with your monthly Love Bundle topic.


Each month a new Love Bundle is uploaded to the portal, you will be notified in the Group so you don’t need to worry about missing anything.


Each month there will be a Guided Meditation uploaded to help you be more focused, calm and positive.

Each month there will also be Affirmations and Guided Visualisations.


As part of TMC you will meet new friends, like-minded women all looking to help and support one another.


Each month there will be various topics discussed under the Six SoulSuccess® Boards, these are the six pillars within TMC Membership and are I believe the six areas that if you work at, you will see big results in not only your life but your business.



Our Guarantee to You

Private FB Group, Love Bundles, Guided Meditations, Weekly Affirmations, Q & A, Coaching with Karen on the Love Bundles, Mini-Courses/Training, Resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this right for me?

The Manifestation Club is the inner circle of I Love My Life Academy. It’s a movement that I started to work with women to truly help them love their life, manifest all their desires and help them to tap into the Spiritual side of life.  I will help you to up-level your mind, to really focus on what you want for your life, in other words, create your very own SoulSuccess®.

Why is the membership limited in the year?

TMC is limited to only a few times in the year so you enjoy the experience and we can really get to know you.

How much is the membership?

There are two ways to pay for your membership, yearly and monthly options.

The Annual Membership is £330 py (Saving £66 per year)

The Monthly Membership is £33 pm


How much notice do I need to give to cancel?

I want you to love The Manifestation Club® and all that it offers.

If you feel TMC is not for you then you can cancel anytime.

Simply email and we will provide you with the steps to cancel your membership as of that month.

What is included in the Membership?

Private FB Group, Love Bundles, Guided Meditations, Weekly Affirmations, Q & A, Coaching with Karen on the Love Bundles, Mini-Courses/Training, Resources.

Do I need to complete the work in a certain time-frame?

There is no time limit to complete any of the workbooks, courses, etc. You have unlimited access to all the content for as long as you are a member.

When do we receive new content in TMC Membership?

On the FIRST Wednesday of each month, a new Love Bundle will be released.

On the SECOND Wednesday of each month Coaching with Karen will be held to work through the Love Bundle.

On the THIRD Wednesday of each month Q & A will be held.

On the Fourth Wednesday of each month VIP Coaching with Karen will be held.

Throughout the month there will be new resources added.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or need help?

We are here to support you always.  If you need any help or want to ask anything, please email

What is your refund policy?

Once you join us you have 14 days to claim a refund if you feel The Manifestation Club is not right for you and has offered no value for you. After this time no refunds will be given but you are able to cancel at any time.