Letting Go

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Health & Wellbeing

For so long you have been fighting with yourself, trying to make life work, trying to grow your business, trying to change your life for a better one. 


Today is the day where I want to awaken you to the great life that you already have, right under your nose. You just can’t see it for fear. 

It’s time to ACCEPT where you are and be ready to move forward.

It’s time to ACKNOWLEDGE all you have within yourself.

It’s time to APPRECIATE being you. 

It’s time to APPROVE of yourself and stop comparing. 

It’s time to take ACTION to transform your life. 

I’m here to remind you each and every single day, NO one is better than you or further onthan you. You are enough. 

You are exactly where you are meant to be at this point in time. 

Now is the time for you to ACCEPT who you are, everything about yourself and begin tomove forward in your life to achieve your desires. Upgrading your life is not about changingwho you are. 

It’s in the accepting that the magic happens. 


Find a quiet place for a few minutes and sit down. 

Close your eyes. Call upon the left-hand side of your mind an image of YOU right now. See how she is standing, what are you wearing, is she confident, is she happy, can you feel her. 

Look closely into her eyes and tell her no matter what you feel about her, she is loved very much.

Now see yourself standing on the right-hand side of your mind the loved version of you. 

She is confident, she is happy, smiling, she has a presence and feels worthy of who she is. This is YOU. 

Deep breath in and blow out any anxious thoughts that may still be lingering around that she may have had. 

Open your eyes and give yourself a stretch. 


Now you ACKNOWLEDGE her every single day. You give her happy, positive and loving thoughts and affirmations each day. You nurture her. She deserves it all. 

APPRECIATE it all for you are ready to evolve and expand even more.

You are so ready to APPROVE of yourself and let others know who you are. 

You are ready to take ACTION and that means not being afraid to step up.

It’s time to take ACTION and commit to your life. No, I don’t mean repeating over and over I am going to change my life and the next day something intervenes and sets you back.

I mean a real commitment that you are on a mission to create the best YOU without controlling how it goes and to let the Universe play its part to help you unfold gently and slowly, so you can digest life as you go.

Today I give permission for each and every one of you to simply release what’s been holding you back – YOU, and ask for help. Get out of your head, ego, stubbornness, and stop sitting on the sidelines viewing your life.

Time to get in the trenches and actually show up for your life. For those who stay silent in life, it is the biggest signal to the Universe that you are not accepting of yourself. 

That’s the frequency you are emanating to the world whether you believe it, make excuses or whatever. How can your life or business ever grow? The people who show up create success.

It’s that simple. Stop being hard on yourself. Be kind, be gentle, be loving and be you.

I would love for you to join me in the I Love My Life Community. The Manifestation Club was created for you and to help you dig deep within to uncover the real you. 


It’s time to step up and make the leap of faith. 

I know you want more and that’s why I created The Manifestation Club to help and support you in living a great life, a life where you can create financial freedom by running your business being your true authentic You. 

I also invite you to join our Facebook Community here  

Some of the topics we will cover –

  • the importance of being truly you
  • how to manifest all your desires
  • how to attract money 
  • the steps you need to take to achieve success
  • becoming visible
  • charging your worth
  • up-level your mindset
  • how to raise your vibration
  • connecting to Spirit
  • and so much more.

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