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by | Jun 9, 2022 | Mindset & Manifestation


Are you still looking for answers and not sure where to start? Are you surviving in life only but still dreaming of a thriving way to live life? I have the solutions and the answers for you.


When you truly admit how you feel, your mind will begin to look for ways to improve how you feel. You can make a decision and choose what you want in life. It is that easy. Have courage and the confidence that you are worthy of all that you seek.

In today’s climate the world is changing so fast and the online space is changing daily as Covid changed the landscape of how we live our lives.

It highlighted to us how we were living or for some, existing and now I am so glad to say that many are looking to live life in a better way, a more positive way.


There are many models to follow but the best one to follow is the one that works for you. You have to run your business on your own terms and find your OWN way to make it work.

I believe there is no one formula that fits all. You must learn from your own experience and through trial and error you will achieve your goals and desires. But there are some
things you can do to help you along your journey

Sadly there are too many business owners that are struggling, not because they are not good at their work, in fact they are fantastic, but they have an energetic vibrational frequency that is set too low due to the way they think and feel.



Think of it like the frequency on a radio station. When you turn on the radio you sometimes just can’t get the exact channel. You get a high pitch noise and it just can’t connect. Other times you turn on and it’s so clear. So too are you like that. It’s not just about being positive or negative. How you feel and think about yourself is your golden ticket to life. 

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Each person has a soul purpose, a higher purpose, a gift and a message to share with the world. But you need to understand how to access it. Your soul purpose is the essence within you that speaks to you and gives you the higher purpose for the good of mankind.

How you use your gift and what you say is your message.

Do you know what your soul is saying to you?

Do you know your higher purpose?

Do you know what your gift is?

Do you know with passion what your message is?

Unless you do, you will struggle to achieve your desires.

No marketing, mindset, affirmations, vision boards, journals, mantras, meditations can get you there. They are great tools, but you need much more.


 Only then will the clarity become so juicy that you will be able to unfold your Mission and Plan for your life, have a thriving business and contribute to the world.


Write down what you truly want and what would be the difference in your life if you achieved your goal.

You must have Desire, Commitment, Determination and Motivation to create your life.

If, on the other hand you immediately wrote down your desires and really thought about it, then you have made the first step to opening up and removing the fog
that clouds most people.



What is your story that you have been unfolding in your whole life? The soul leaves clues as to what it is speaking to you and telling you in your life.

Are you listening or are you so in your head you cannot hear? What makes your heart sing, what do you love to do.

When you are stuck, struggling, depressed, feeling low it’s because you don’t have the clarity about your higher purpose. Once you do, there is no stopping you.


Don’t allow the confusion to stop and hold you back. Fear is not a tangible product that you can buy. It’s simply an emotional feeling within your body. How you allow that feeling to move and grow depends on your perception of your life. Only accept the good and positive and healthy thoughts, only allow them to grow and seed them every day.

Just for today – Write your life story from childhood to the present moment.

Read it over and I promise you that within your story is your higher purpose.



I work with changemakers, heart-led entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step.  Who are ready to release their money blocks from within, who are ready to do the work and take action.   

If that’s you, then book a free Intuitive Discovery Call here 

I can’t wait to speak with you and see how I can help you. 

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