What’s It All About?

I Love My Life Academy is an online spiritual hub with a soul mission to inspire women from all around the world to love their life and manifest success and wealth.  The Manifestation Club®, is the inner circle for ILMLA. 

After working with women in over fourteen countries, I realised that every human being has the same thoughts, feelings and emotions and after learning to love my own life through creating my own tried and tested techniques, I wanted to help others to love your life and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Ask The Universe – Be Open To Receiving

It sounds so easy!

 I know that if you are here then you are looking for more, more money, more joy, more happiness, more excitement in your life, more clients, more confidence or even better relationships, more spiritual ways to connect within not only yourself but the world, more understanding of who you are.

You’ve read the books, even done some courses, said the affirmations but you still seem to be searching.

You’ve got the passion and maybe even the ideas, but you just don’t know where to start.

You might even be feeling stuck, I know I did, many times but this is a good thing as it’s spiritual growth. It’s your soul speaking to you to let you know there’s more for you.

What I know to be true


It’s not enough to have an idea, it’s not enough to have confidence in yourself.

It’s not enough to post on Social Media, it’s not enough to do the courses and learn more.

What I know to be true and through my own experience, there were so many times I wanted to just stop, I really was tired and nothing seemed to be working. What I was avoiding was going within, diving deep to the places I didn’t want to go. To have to show up online. I was avoiding anything techy and I danced around this. Your body doesn’t lie. What I was not understanding was that this journey is not about you, it’s about what you are willing to do to help others. Light bulb moment. As soon as I realised this, everything changed.

‘Success comes to those who wait’

How can we help you?

I know you are searching for more, I know you need the support and that’s what we are here to do for you. Not only physically but mind, body and spirit.

There are many ways in which we can help you:


Whether it’s mindset, business, money, health & wellbeing or spirituality, you are seeking, we can help you live a life you love.


I have created short mini-course trainings and resources for you if you are looking to binge on manifesting a life you love.


Float off to your favourite place and let your mind let in all that you need to know and all that you need to let go.


Looking to love your life and manifest more, then join The Manifestation Club® Membership, the inner circle for ILMLA and get access to trainings, videos, audios, live coaching, guided meditations, spiritual guidance, not only from Karen but from The Spiritual Masters.

SoulSuccess® BOARDS



Each month Karen will be doing live coaching in The Manifestation Club®. This is a chance to really work on yourself and begin to open up.

Who Are We And How We Can Help You?








My soul journey began when I was pregnant with my first son, I was invited to a yoga class. The Teacher was 74 and was so flexible. I was so in awe as I knew that it was her mind that helped her achieve this. She was sitting in the lotus position as we entered the hall. She gave me advice on what I could and couldn’t do as I was pregnant and for most of the session, I sat in a meditative state. It was the beginning of my love for meditation, but not yoga.
I have now been meditating for over 35 years and it is at the core of my work today.

I trained as Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Mindset Mentor and world class Energy Healer, I even became an International Author and opened my first Clinic while living in Scotland. My life has changed so much.

I was brought up with a more holistic approach to life, no immunisations, apart from my Covid jab which I had reluctantly so I could travel to see my mother. My mother has been a very big influence in my life, showing me and teaching me about the mind and body connection. She would talk about telepathy when I was young and I taught my own children mind to mind, something I still do with my mother and my husband. She would teach me about healing the body with the mind and I saw this first hand with my patients.

My Clinic was filled with patients and clients, all looking to make changes in their life, ridding themselves of illness and disease, addictions, looking to manifest their best self and a great life. A life they could love and most of all, they found themselves.

I’m a mother to three grown-up children and of course my fourth Miah, my blonde show cocker spaniel who just loves cuddles and fun.

I started my life working in Local Government and very quickly got a promotion to become a P.A. to the Director. I loved what I did but I always had a niggle that I was meant for more, meant to do something much bigger for the greater good and had been communicating this to the Universe for some time.

I was eventually made redundant but not feeling the time was right, I had just had my third child, I began working in a local Secondary School in the Admin Office part-time.

Always knowing inside I wanted to do more but waiting on the right moment, one day while sitting in the office, my hand collapsed onto the keyboard and I had a burning pain shoot through my hand. A voice so clearly said, go and report it for which I did. By the time I got home that day, my hand was aching. It was Christmas Eve and I was now on holiday.

As I sat down the next day to my Christmas dinner, the same thing happened, my hand collapsed and the pain was overwhelming. I phoned the out of hours Hospital and the nurse said, I’m not diagnosing but it sounds like you have acute carpal tunnel. It usually takes around 18 months for the hand to curl inwards and mine had taken days.

At that moment in time, I sat down and decided that if I was going to help others to live a life they love, teach them how to use their mind to create the life they dreamed about, I had to do that myself.

As soon as the Doctors Surgery opened in between Christmas and New Year, I got an appointment. My Doctor said, it takes months to get an appointment to see the specialist but I will send off your details.

I immediately started to mentally work on this daily and just knew that my urgent appointment would show up. Five weeks later I received a letter from the Hospital asking me to see the Surgeon. When I sat in the room awaiting the Surgeon, I could see a blackboard with names and times on it of all his patients who were going for surgery that week. I just knew at that moment that the Surgeon would put my name on top for the very next day.

When he entered the room we chatted, he said ‘Karen what are you doing tomorrow’,

I said ‘I will be in here with you’

he said ‘8.30am and you must start fasting later today’

I had extensive hand surgery and months of physio. It was a very painful process.

When I returned to see the Surgeon to be signed off, he said, ‘Karen what do you want to do with your life’

I paused, he said, ‘this happened to you for a reason, now go and do what you came to do in the world and he left the room’

I couldn’t believe we had had that conversation but this was quite normal for me.

I got up and I decided in that moment, to further develop myself so I could open my own Clinic.

I have studied the mind and energetics for 30 years and am a world class energy healer.  I also trained as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Speaker, International Author, Reiki Master and Mindset Coach. I spoke on USA stages and started my very first holistic wellbeing clinic to work with people to help them love their life, to think in a different way and to eradicate their fears and stress in living in a world where they didn’t believe anything was possible for them. I wanted to change that.

If you are still reading, then I know you want that too. You might not know exactly what you want, but you do know you want more. You might not believe in yourself or have the confidence but you know you want more. A life that is fulfilled, an abundant life, it’s all available to you, but you must believe and go after your dreams.

is a self-development and education brand created exactly for this.

After working with hundreds and hundreds of people I know that there is no secret to life but one thing I do know for sure, is that the people who love themselves and their lives are the ones who are more successful and are more healthy and happy in manifesting their desires.

If you’re looking for more happiness, more joy, better health and an abundance of wealth, spiritual guidance to loving your life, then join me in The Manifestation Club® Membership. 

Are you ready to…

Unleash your purpose and remove any
energy blocks that may be holding you back
Love yourself and love your life
Expand your mind beyond what you think possible and raise your energy frequency vibration to manifest your desires
Say yes to yourself and create your own success
Reframe your limiting beliefs and your perception of your life to become a money magnet
Connect to your Spirit Guides
Dive deep and find out who you are and who you can become
Set your mind to auto and accelerate and manifest all your desires
Tune in and turn on your higher power
Learn how to use your intuition
Allow yourself to love yourself and become more confident
Know that you can up-level your mind for more of what you desire

I created this safe space just for you, to share, to laugh, to be open and have fun and to live your life fully knowing that you are enough.

I Love My Life SoulSuccess® Boards

The SoulSuccess® Boards are the six pillars of my business and throughout each month in the Membership, there will be new content uploaded on each of the Six SoulSuccess® Boards.

You will just love it!


For You To Step Into Your Highest Calling And Live A Life You Love.  


To help educate women to do more, have more and be more in the world. To tune into their intuition, show up fully and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.