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and I’m delighted that you have found us.

This is a portal for I Love My Life Academy Community, a spiritual hub for changemakers, heart-led entrepreneurs and conscious creators who are looking to go beyond what you think you can have.  You know you want more, more wealth, more success, more joy and more magic.

Step Into The Magic

It’s where dreams can come true and they can happen to you.
I have worked with hundreds of women across the world helping them to learn to love themselves so they can show up, share their gift and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

If you’re feeling called to do more with your life but don’t feel you have the confidence, not sure what you want, uncertain about where to start, looking outside of yourself for all the answers, then you are in the right place. We dive deep, to the places that you might fear and we unlock your genius, we open up your energy vortex and expand your mind to eliminate your fears, remove your blocks and restore your faith, to feel inspired each day to live a life you love. We bend time and we work with the energetics of life.

ILMLA is the place for the awakened woman, personal growth and spiritual development of all Karen’s expertise, mind, body & spirit, personal transformation, health & wellbeing wisdom, psychic guidance, exercises, techniques and tips for you to use, mind and energetics, energy healing and spiritual guidance from not only Karen but The Spiritual Masters that Karen has been channelling for over 20 years.

With an abundance of online training resources, meditation teachings, spiritual teachings, mini-courses, mindset work, SoulSuccess® Boards, manifestation, affirmations and the joy of learning how to live a life you love, this is the place you need to be. Know that you have been guided here.

If you want to be part of this magic, then I invite you to join The Manifestation Club® Membership where you have access to all the goodness and rich resources to support you each and every day. You don’t need to do things alone, we are here to guide you to create a life you love.

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Each month in the Membership there will be new content added to the Six SoulSuccess® Boards that will awaken, activate and accelerate your spiritual growth in all six areas of your life.  From live videos, audios, workbooks, you can be part of something really special.

Join me in the membership, the place to be for personal transformation, wellbeing and spiritual growth.

If you are a changemaker, heart-led entrepreneur, conscious creator who is looking to create more wealth, then this is the place where you will learn how to show up as yourself, believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself to live your life the way you desire.

In the Membership you will will learn how to do this so you can become a confident and intuitive woman creating wealth, health and happiness from the inside out. 

Ways To Get Support


Whether it’s mindset, business, money, health & wellbeing or spirituality, you are seeking, we can help you live a life you love.


I have created short mini-course trainings and resources for you if you are looking to binge on manifesting a life you love.


Float off to your favourite place and let your mind let in all that you need to know and all that you need to let go.


Looking to manifest more, then join The Manifestation Club® and get access to trainings, videos, audios, live coaching, guided meditations, spiritual guidance, not only from Karen but from The Spiritual Masters.

SoulSuccess® BOARDS



Each month Karen will be doing live coaching in The Manifestation Club®. This is a chance to really work on yourself and begin to open up.

I’m Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Founder of I Love My Life Academy and The Manifestation Club®, The Positive Mindset Mentor, The Manifestation Coach For Women®, Direct Voice For The Spiritual Masters, World class Energy Healer, International Author of The Butterfly Experience, Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

In 1999 Spirit asked Karen to teach the world positive thinking and raise the vibration of the world. She got up from her meditation and began her own journey to help others to love their life. Karen is a lover of self-development and spirituality and has been studying the mind and body connection for over 35 years.

My dream is to inspire you to love yourself enough that the Universe showers you with abundance.

I will support you as you walk your own journey as I know it can be challenging. I created the Manifestation Mastery® Method, this is my Signature System that will take you from wishing to unlocking wealth from within.

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and a whole lot of woo.

If you are ready to surrender to yourself to reveal your authentic You,
then the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself is a gift to yourself.

JOIN the Membership and begin your very own journey of self-discovery,
and step into the magic and to start manifesting a life you love.

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